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2" Crystal Point Keychains

2" Crystal Point Keychains

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Elevate your everyday life with our stunning 2" Crystal Point Keychains. Made from beautiful crystal points, these keychains add a touch of elegance to your keys while harnessing the powerful energy of natural minerals. Perfect for fashion-forward individuals and crystal lovers alike.


Made to Order

**Note: Type in your Gemstone of preference in the special instruction box in your Cart**

~ Crystal Meanings ~

Clear Quartz: Balances the mind, body and spirit. Helps to clean and purify. Improves concentration. It amplifies the energy of all other crystals.
Enhances healing, reduces stress, aids in relaxation and improves awareness.

Malachite helps with: Absorbing negative energy, guarding against pollution (energetic and physical), protecting against accidents, relieving fears associated with travel

Obsidian helps with: Aura cleansing, grounding, releasing anger and resentment, protection against negative energy

Sunstone helps with: alleviating worry, fear, doubt, and depression. It raises consciousness, attracts prosperity, encourages inner-strength, and promotes mental clarity. Truly reflecting the qualities of light, brings benevolence, warmth, and the willingness to bestow blessings upon others

Cherry Quartz helps with: removing negative energy from your aura and replace it with positive energy, known to be helpful for psychic protection and shield you from negative energy and psychic attacks


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