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Protection Bracelet

Protection Bracelet

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This Protection Bracelet combines natural stones such as Turquoise, Tigers Eye, Hematite, Matte Obsidian, and Lava Stone to provide you with powerful protection from negative energies. The variety of stones offer unique properties to promote balance, strength, and grounding. Experience the benefits of these natural elements with this expertly crafted bracelet.

Turquoise helps with: Personal power, luck and prosperity, safe travel, speaking personal truth, giving voice to creative ideas, protection against theft, promoting ambition and empowerment, calming, absorbing excessive energy, harmonizing.

Tiger's Eye helps with: Self-expression, self-worth, self-esteem, self-definition, self-love, self-concept, self-criticism, manifesting goals

Hematite helps with: Absorbing negativity, balancing energies, relieving stress and anxiety, grounding, detoxifying

Matte Obsidian helps with reducing stress and anxiety, promote physical healing benefits and provide spiritual healing attributes. Obsidian can be harnessed for protection, grounding, tranquility and personal growth.

Lava Stone helps with alleviating anxiety, promote emotional tranquility and bring calmness and feelings of relaxation.

Bead Size: 8MM


Sizing Available:

  • Extra Small - 6 - 6.5
  • Small - 6.5 - 7
  • Medium - 7 - 7.5
  • Large - 7.5 - 8
  • Extra Large - 8 - 8.5


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